'Cruising' in the South Pacific

March 1, 1871

It is quite rough today. I am going up on deck. Good Bye For To Day


Laura and Prescott were always glad to have their father return from the Arctic. They looked forward to the time they would spend with him and Helen on board the Roman in the South Pacific. It also helped to know that after they would return to life in Honolulu before the ship went north to the Arctic.

In the South Pacific or the Arctic, life on board a whaleship wasn't always pleasant for its crew members. By March 1871, the Roman's crew had been away from home for over two years and had endured the toil and hardships of two seasons hunting for whales up north. Between the Arctic whaling seasons the Roman 'cruised' the South Pacific and its islands in search of migrating whales. They sailed through palm fringed coral sanctuaries that were in strong contrast to the frigid Arctic.

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