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Albany is a port city located on the Great Southern Region of Western Australia on the northern edge of the harbor. The sound covers an area of 42 sq miles. Land borders three sides of the sound, and is open to the ocean on the east. There are two harbors located within the sound, Princess Royal Harbor and Oyster Harbor, which are well protected from winds and heavy seas. King George Sound has both islands and islets, including Breaksea Island, Michaelmas Island, Seal Island, Mistaken Island, and Green Island. The Western Australian South Coast is formed along the edge of the southern margin of the Yilgarn craton. It is composed of granite and gneisses, and has a wide variety of habitats that supports many types of marine life including coral.

The Aboriginal Mineng people are native to Australia. When the British settled at King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbor in 1826, the natives maintained a cooperative relationship with the newcomers. This area was a port of call for British, American and Australian colonial whaling and sealing vessels. Whaling crews took advantage of the sheltered waters, fresh water and wood supplies that were available. American whalers called regularly until 1888.

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