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Officers' Quarters

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Mystic Seaport

The area just forward of the captain's cabin. The officers quarters included staterooms for the mates, the main cabin and the steward's pantry. The first mate had a single stateroom and the second and third mates shared one.

The main cabin had a table which was built around the mizzenmast housing. It had fiddles, or strips of wood going down its length to keep dishes and other items from sliding as the ship rolled. On either side of the table was a long narrow bench with a hinged back. Between meals, the back was pushed forward and the narrow passageway left clear. On the other side of the main cabin from the mates' staterooms, was the pantry, where the steward kept dishes and stores. Captains and officers ate first in the main cabin and later the crew members housed in steerage shared meals. This is the officers quarters in the Charles W. Morgan at Mystic Seaport.

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